Just For Kids

Young Rembrandts Virtual Drawing Courses
These virtual drawing courses help strengthen the right side of the brain (intellectual development) and fine motor skills by using a creative outlet that allows kids to express themselves and their emotions and encourages "out of the box" thinking.  

The online classes are 40/50 minutes of drawing and coloring instructions taught by the founder of Young Rembrandts, Bette Fetter. These lessons are recorded and can be accessed anytime by the parents/students. The kids are going to be able to start, pause and stop or even take a break. They can watch each video up to 5 times.  The supplies your student will need are: paper, pencil, eraser, a black sharpie, and markers (and of course-the internet).
Date: This is "on demand" which means you choose when to do it
Time: at your convenience
Location: at your home
Instructor:  Bette Fetter, founder of Young Rembrandts
Fee:  $30.00 
Ages:  5 to 12 years old
Please register electronically (E-REGISTRATION) on the community education home page, email , or leave Michelle Southworth a voice mail at 583-4426 ext. 461.  If you have questions, email is the best communication tool since I'm not in the building.  Send payment to the high school at 202 4th Ave NW, Blooming Prairie, MN 55917  checks payable to "BPPS", on-line payment is not available at this time.


Child & Baby-sitting Safety Classes  (CABS) 
The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from the American Safety and Health Institute gives everything you need to know for safe and successful babysitting. The YouTube “vlogger” style presentation of the video brings a youthful and high-energy spirit to the program content, and the colorful magazine format of the student book makes learning fun. From getting started with your business, to working with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, CABS will help set you up for babysitting success. Students must be present for the entire class and complete achievement of the core learning objectives to receive certification valid for two years. Instructor provides baby dolls, bottles, diaper supplies for skills participation. Students attend this class independently. Students are welcome to bring a snack.   Parents are encouraged to review the take home information and discuss it with their child.
Date: TBD
Time:  TBD
Location:  HS Room 206
Instructor:  Lori Hameister
Fee:  $40.00 (includes book)
For ages 4th through 8th grades

Home Alone Safety
Just mention the words “Home Alone,” and children think of the excitement depicted in the movies of the same name. The reality of being home alone can evoke fear and anxiety in many children. Whether left alone for an hour after school or several hours a day during the summer, children should feel comfortable being alone.  This workshop for children will address several topics to relating to being “Home Alone”.  Topics include personal safety tips, stranger danger, basic first aid, fire safety, handling the unexpected, internet safety, dealing with loneliness and boredom, storm safety, dealing with siblings as well as trust and honesty.
Date:  TBD
Time:  3:15-5:15
Location:  elementary library
Instructor:  Lori Hameister
Fee:  $20.00 (includes book)
For ages 3rd grade through 6th grade.
Be Prepared. . .Not Scared!
Have you ever seen someone fall over and hurt their leg? Or perhaps you know someone who’s been very ill? Have you ever been near an accident?  Imagine being able to help out in each of these situations – that’s what First Aid is all about.  Children can make a difference in an emergency situation.  The most important thing is for them to know the simple Basic First Aid steps to follow in different situations.  

Date: TBD 
Location:  elementary library
Instructor:  Lori Hameister
Fee:  $20.00 per child
For ages K- 2nd grade.

How To Register for Blooming Prairie Community Education Classes

By E-Registration: E-Registration form found on Community Education web page
By email: msouthworth@blossoms.k12.mn.us
By Phone: 507-583-4426
By Mail: Blooming Prairie High School Community Education
202 4th Ave NW
Blooming Prairie MN 55917
In Person: Blooming Prairie High School Office

Please include the following information when registering:

1.•Name person(s) registering for the class
2.•Address/phone number/email address
3.•Class Title
4. •Class Date/Time

5.  •Class fees should be paid in advance of the class.  Checks can be made out to Blooming Prairie Schools.

If you have any questions please call 507-583-4426

JMC Parental Information
To set up an account, please call either the High School Office (for high school students) or the Elementary (for elementary students).
High School Parents: To access Online JMC information, go up to Our Schools and click on High School. On the left side click on Parent Access. 

Elementary Parents: To access Online JMC information, go up to Our Schools and click on Elementary School. On the left side click on Parent Access.