Baskets, Crafts, and Needle Arts

Divided Wine Basket
A gift or one for yourself

This basket can be a for a beginner weaver or someone who has woven before. 

A basket to carry 2 wine bottles to a holiday gathering – or for a hostess gift.  You will start with a solid wood base with attached divider that has been finished for you,.   Spokes are held into the base with chase weave then you will weave start-stop rows of flat and flat oval reed.   Rim and lashing are of flat oval reed.  Basket is approximately  7” x 10” x 9 “ high and handle to 12 ½” high   Please bring the following tools if you have them: pencil, heavy scissors, needle nose pliers, wood shaver and small block to shave on, sandpaper, old towel, at least 12 snap clothespins. Some basketweaving tools will be available to purchase from the instructor

Location:  High School Room 106
Instructor:  Deb Mather
Material Fee:  $33.00, extra kits available for $37.00 (payable to instructor)
Class Fee:  $12.00 (payable to BP Community Education)


Learn the stitches used in Norwegian embroidery called Hardanger. 
CANCELED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST THIS SESSION.  If you are interested in class later in the year, please let Michelle know.
Time:               6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Sessions:         6
Location:         Elem. Library
Instructor:       Jenni Braaten
Materials:        For beginners in need of a project only (she will provide a kit)  YOU MUST NOTIFY IN ADVANCE THAT YOU NEED A PROJECT 
Class Fee:      16.00

Make A Barn Quilt

Sessions:        1
Location:          High School art room
Instructor:        Naomi Jirele
Class cost:       $85.00, includes instruction and some materials
Below is information on the class from the instructor.  There are more directions and suggestions that I will email participants.


Consider attending this Barn Quilt Painting Workshop with Naomi Jirele.  Join the barn quilt movement by creating your own painted quilt for your barn, shed, garage, or garden fence. After a short historical overview of barn quilts, you will begin with a pre-primed 4' x 4' board and be guided through each step including: drafting, taping, and painting. After you get some tips to paint the masked areas, you may work at your own speed. Depending on your design and pace, you will leave with a finished quilt or with it almost completed, and full instructions on how to complete/seal it confidently. (2’x2’ size in an option.) 

Your finished board will prove to be quite a showpiece in your yard for years to come!  

Supplies that will be provided:

~Pre-primed 4' x 4' board.

~Pattern templates-see below. (Bringing your own pattern is also encouraged, however if you choose to bring your own, you will need to have it drafted to size before class.) The measurements per size will already be done for the patterns provided in class.  It is advisable to stick with straight-lined designs for your first attempt at a barn quilt although many ideas are available on Pinterest.

~Foam brushes


~Snacks and water

You bring the following to class:

~Exterior craft paint in 2 oz squeeze bottle (can be purchased at Michaels, WalMart, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or online) Label MUST READ EXTERIOR! The small sizes work super slick since they are compact and squeezable! DO NOT purchase gloss sheen paint. If your design has a LARGE area to cover on the 4’x4’, please bring two or three bottles of that particular color.

~One roll of 1-inch painter’s tape. Green “frog tape” is best. This tape is AMAZING!

~A Yardstick. If you can find a 4 foot ruler, measuring goes much faster on the 4' x 4's!

~A blow dryer to use when painting to speed up the drying time. This is vital in being able to accomplish the project in the class time-frame!

A sharp exacto knife to cut fine points in tape.

~Optional: Bring colored pencils if you are unsure of colors and color placement on your template.



Contact: Michelle Southworth, Community Education Coordinator
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