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RTB Flower PowerUP

Ring the Bell fitness (RTB) is coming to Blooming Prairie!  This program combines strength and cardio fitness.  Each class will be designed by coach Kari Bottin-so no two classes will be exactly the same.  Modifications can always be made for exercises you are unable to do.  This fitness community will use the high school weight room, gym, and multi-purpose room.  Email or with questions.  You can also learn more about RTB at their website  ;
Days:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Time:  5 am to 6 am
Session:  8 weeks (32 classes) Next session begins August 5 and goes through September 27
Location:  BPHS
Instructor:  Kari Bottin
Fee:  $75.00 for the 8 week session

Yoga For Every Body

"Experience all the benefits of yoga, including strengthening your core, increasing stability, and sculpting your entire body with Yoga for Every Body."

Yoga helps increase our strength, flexibility, and balance. The mindfulness cultivated in yoga is also known to combat daily stress. Come join in the fun! 
Days:  Tuesdays, beginning September 10
Time:  6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Sessions:  8
Location:  BPHS Media Center (library)
Instructor:  Naomi Hansen
Fee:  $25.00-please pay in advance to the high school office


Instructor Naomi Hansen Brief Yoga Bio

I began my yoga journey 15 years ago as a means of stress reduction. It led me to explore other types of holistic health practices.  I have been a sociology and gerontology professor for 21 years and advocate for life-long learning. I am married with two wonderful adult daughters, 5 exceptional grandchildren, and a very active shepherd-doodle pup. 

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