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The mission of Blooming Prairie Schools is to provide challenging opportunities for lifelong learning in a safe and caring environment.

Email for Student Absences

If you would like to email our office instead of calling in for your student being absent, email This is for the high school only.

Procedure for students needing to leave during the school day. 

If the student is ill, they should report to the nurse's office. 
The nurse/office staff will record symptoms and contact parent/guardians as needed. 

If you have been contacted directly by your student, please remind them that they need   

to go to the nurse's office so that we are aware of what is going on.  We would also ask 

that you contact the office  to let us know what the situation is. 
If your student needs to leave for any other reason please be sure to contact the  
High School office as soon as possible.  We will then issue a pass and record the information. 


Technology/BlossomCare Fee

10th-12th Grade
$30 BlossomCare Fee (Self Insurance). See iPad/MacBook Handbook for more information.
 $45/semester, or $90 for the school year: MacBook Rental Fee.

7th-9th Grade
$30 BlossomCare Fee (Self Insurance). See iPad/MacBook Handbook for more information.

7th-12th Grade Supply List

JMC Parent Online Access
Online access to information for your child is available at

Access the High School page > Our Schools>High School>JMC Access>Parents.
The Username is usually your last name, if this does not work please call the High School Office.
Password - call the office to set up one up.

The following information is available
Attendance Report, Lunch account information, parent information, progress reports and report cards.  


Contact: Principal: John Dale Worke
JMC Parental Information
To set up an account, please call either the High School Office (for high school students) or the Elementary (for elementary students).
High School Parents: To access Online JMC information, go up to Our Schools and click on High School. On the left side click on Parent Access. 

Elementary Parents: To access Online JMC information, go up to Our Schools and click on Elementary School. On the left side click on Parent Access.