Greetings parents, families, and community members of Blooming Prairie! My name is Jacob Schwarz and I am honored to have the privilege of being the principal of Blooming Prairie Elementary School. I look forward to continuing the great tradition of excellence this school and community has established. Together, we can continue providing our students with a high-class education they can use to transfer into work and career skills as they continue throughout their lives.  

I am excited to join a tremendous staff and school system that works purposefully and hard for the students of Blooming Prairie. I know this firsthand because we have lived in Blooming Prairie for the last three years and have four students that currently attend the elementary.  

Some brief background is that I have been in education for the past 17 years and have been a third-grade teacher, instructional coach, and most recently the MS-HS Principal in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. My wife Pam is a fourth-grade teacher in Austin, Minnesota and like I mentioned previously we have four children. Claire will be a sixth grader and Andrew, Joseph, and Elaine are triplets and will be in third grade. We live just outside of Blooming Prairie on a small farm where we have your normal farm critters and a golden retriever named Charlie.  

I encourage you to stop in and see me if you have any concerns, ideas, or want to see the many wonderful things our students and staff are working on at Blooming Prairie Elementary. 


Jacob J. Schwarz 

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